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13/01/2018 12:59 am  
  1. Keep your cursing to a minimum. This site is rated for 13+ in Google listings, so a few slips is not too big of a deal. If you are here, you are likely part of the motorcycling community which means that you are most likely not offended by foul language. However, we would appreciate that you keep yourself in check when it comes to vulgarities.
  2. Do not post any nude photos or use nude avatars for your profile.
  3. Be cool to other people... no bullying... but if somebody says something stupid... well... we all correct idiots once in a while.
  4. People ask questions - be patient with others.
  5. Do NOT discuss MC business on these forums.
  6. Do NOT talk trash on another MC in these forums (Yes, you need to be respectful to those LEO-MC's too).
  7. Keep Political debates in political forums.
  8. Have fun!



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